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The work done on video & reel  is absolutely   fresh  & contemporary .

They are choreographies with images & music.

Many of them are post made on Instagram.

I love  making Video & reel

Moving Words

 Music Elton Jhon  / Your Song

I think of your Look

Music  Rosalia /  Pienso en tu mira


Music  Luchiano Pavarotti /  Mention  Sergiogomezart

Anastasia Domingo

Promotional Clip


Instagram Network


Audio  /  Video  / Reel 

Elton Jhon
Your Song

Instagram Notification. Elton Jhon / Audio Page

The Weekend
In your eyes

Instagram Notification /  The Weekend / Audio Page

Bruno Mars
Leave the door open

Instagram Notification / Bruno Mars / Audio Page

Nessum Dorma

Instagram Notification / Luchiano Pavarotti / Audio Page
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