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Anastasia  Domingo is  a  spanish painter  and digital creator based in Madrid  and New York .

Bachelor  of Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid  , she studied Design  , airbrushing  and painting at the Design Center and at Manolo Arjona Studio (  Madrid  ) attended numerous art courses with  artists  such  as  Pello Irazu  , Jiri Dokoupil , Antoni Miralda , Gloria Garcia Lorca , Jose Guerrero  and others .

She also studied  classical  ballet  and contemporary dance ( in Madrid  and London  )  that  has  a direct influence on  her  artistic background .

She exhibited her work  in New York , Chicago , Miami, Venice , Barcelona , basel , Montreaux , Madrid and in the XII and XIV  Florence Biennale 2019 and 2023

Her work Focuses on Graphics ,  Colour , composition , She states

:"  My influences are eclectic ,  from  the Spanish classical  Art to American  &  Japanese Pop Art  , but as a creator  of my time I pay attention to what happens in today·s culture  , Art , Dance , Music  and 

Social Networks ".

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American Artist / New York

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Artist / Curator  /  Gallery  owner  /  Miami


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My Story outside of the professional part , how would I define myself as  an artist ?

It is difficult  for me to explain with words , images are more expressive and on the web there is a selection of them that express my background.

I am an artist of my time , honest , fresh , with character and  underneath  there is a lot of energie  that is  channeled throught my Art work  and  my Ballet

At the 2023 Florence Biennale in wich I was participating  artist  , I was super Happy  because  my work was nothing  like any other on the fair . Being original is one of my main goals ,as  mentioned  in the introduction in the professional trajectory

I try to make my work not only contemporary  but also commercial  , althought  I do not have a clear idea  of what is commercial  and what it is not .

I also want to thank all the people  and galleries that I 

mention here because  I like them and they are  super cool and about the exhibitions held  so far  that are absolutely creatives  and inspiring  life experiencies and that is has been an  honor to participate in them.

I also want to  hightlight    Donna Warhol  / Reginaschrecker , Fashion  Designer  ( Italy )  for her friendship and  for her always accurate  comments ,

 and  all the people  that I have not  been able to include and with whom I have  interacted  and who are all absolutely terrific to me.

All of this makes up the artist and the woman That I am , in short  I am an artist in constant  evolution and movement and I imagine that the basis  of everything is  Love and True  originality .

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